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Long straight line module prices _ _ high precision linear module manual longmen linear module of speed

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-17
# 1. What is a linear module, and what's the difference between a linear guide?

this company produces the linear module integrates the guide rail, slider, synchronous belt transmission parts, it is the nature of the motor's rotary motion into the linear motion of the slider. Conventional solution volume is larger, rough appearance, making trouble, work hard. And the use of our complete gear coupling structures, equipment simple, short time limit for a project design, beautiful shape, durable and reliable. The company straight line 4 were adopted for sliding parts bearing wheel and rail line, pressure can be adjusted according to the demand, have the characteristics of high speed, mute, can work in bad environment. Synchronous belt transmission, easy to maintain efficient, reduce the impact vibration.

#2. I bought a module back plugged in can use?

linear module, this company is a professional manufacturer, and we don't produce motor control card, so you in addition to buying our module, also need selected and you click adapter connection plate, coupling of motor and module, the gear coupling of connection plate connected with the machine. , drive and control card needs you to look for other professional manufacturers of choose and buy.

#3. How much is the module load?

the linear module needs to accord with how much weight of the object, needs the actual measurement. The current CCM line module can load 5 - 35公斤。

#4. movement precision is how many?

motion accuracy refers to repeat the movement precision, namely linear modules back to the finish after 30 times back and forth with the distance of the origin, different USES of the manipulator for motion accuracy requirement is different, the general stepping motor driven synchronous belt linear gear coupling, motion precision can reach 0. 5 mm, servo planetary gear motor driven ball screw, the motion precision can reach 0. 02MM. But effective stroke is greater than 400 mm, the motion precision will decline.

#5. Effective stroke?

the linear module block from the range of movement at one end to the other. The company straight line module according to the effective stroke of your custom, can be in 30 mm - 7500 mm effective stroke at custom.

#6. What is the lead?

that when one revolution of the planetary gear motor drive module, the slider move straight line distance.

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