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Long straight line module selection _ high precision linear module to adjust _ longmen linear module

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-17
Linear power gear coupling is a kind of mechanical energy convert electrical energy directly into linear motion without any asked conversion device of the novel planetary gear motor, it has the system structure is simple, less abrasion, low noise, strong combination, easy maintenance, etc.

straight line electrical module

advantage of linear electric module:

1, simple structure,

2, high positioning accuracy

3, fast response, high sensitivity, good follow-up.

4, job security, and reliable, long life.

5, high speed

6, maintenance free

7, ball screw, gear, rack and pinion, belt pulley

8, zero return clearance and compliance

9, compact mechanical assembly

10, reduce the number of parts in the machine

11, mute run

disadvantage: because the linear electric gear coupling itself has magnetic circuit open circuit caused by the side of the side effects and installation problem such as larger air gap.

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