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Long straight line module specification _ _ cross slide module parameter linear guide rail module factory

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-17
Linear motion trend is getting better and better, a lot of equipment of high precision and speed in the use of linear planetary gear motor, Zhenyu technology as

linear motor manufacturers, today for everyone to explain its selection of

1, the linear motor thrust peak is not less than the calculated peak thrust, continuous thrust is not less than calculated continuous thrust, included in the 20% margin, the motor thrust is greater than or equal to 1. 2 thrust calculation.

2, carrying capacity, there are core motor to consider linear guide bearing ability of electromagnetic suction, whether there is enough and precision grade, general application scenario selection HIWIN, PMI, high

precision application scenario selection THK, IKO, Germany rexroth.

3, raster ruler lattice spacing and resolution, maximum allowable speed = * sampling frequency resolution, brand choice, lenny salt, Hyde dalian han, Microe, banyan tree.

4, drive, peak current peak current is greater than or equal to the motor, continuous current peak current is greater than or equal to the motor, the busbar voltage Ubus = VMax Ke + IpR.

5, custom positioning system, provides a linear planetary gear motor expert team to work together with customers, together with the customer clear detailed requirements of linear motor positioning system, on the basis of this offer is

system solution, after waiting for customer confirm solution into the implementation, the advantage is aimed at the status of the specific requirements, make the system more convenient, more practical, solve the problem more

overall, and system performance better, suggested that the large positioning systems and high value batch system USES this selection method.

6, customer self-assembly positioning system, the customer to save cost and have the ability to assemble and standardization of the linear electric planetary gear motor can be ordered with the stator components, manufacturers of choose and buy controller and

drive, self-assembly positioning system.

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