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Long straight line module which good _ high precision linear module trip _ linear guide module company

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-17
Straight line module is numerical control lathe and manipulator, generally is cross sliding type combination operation, can slide up and down or so mobile. Numerical control lathe straight line gear coupling precision requirements of the manipulator is very high, so as to ensure the working efficiency of the whole machine.

synchronous belt linear gear coupling has economic, environmental, mute, precision, strong durability, the advantages of light weight, small size, used for nc lathe manipulator slide up and down can reduce production cost, more popular with the market. So here recommend synchronous belt linear module to do CNC lathe equipment manufacturers, hoping to help them solve the problem of loading manipulator.

custom CNC lathe up-down material slide module, Zhenyu technology very experienced in this respect, the good word of mouth. Motion sliding table is independent research and development, high repeat positioning accuracy, sliding table reserved six mounting holes, can assemble various working parts, can do spray paint, glue, stick a card, cutting and so on. We give to our clients before making straight line module, usually go to the factory field understanding customers specified customization demand, and then design a suitable solution for the customer, and then out of the 3 D drawing to the customer to confirm, then we will start production line module. Numerical control lathe machinery and equipment, sliding table specifications required by the straight line module is different also, we can according to the requirements of different customers customized slider stroke, speed, and the number of the slider, planetary gear motor, if the guest has requirements, we can match. Zhenyu advocate of science and technology to provide a simple and practical linear module, as far as possible let a guest received the goods can be used.

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