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Machine of decelerate of planet of load _ eccentric gear reducer

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-21
High-power reducer bearing role on the one hand is to keep the bearing internal gear lubricants in use does not leak, ensure bearing in the lubrication state, on the other hand is to protect the dust or harmful gas bearing outside will not enter the bearing inner chamber, in case of bearing damage. Bearing in the high-power reducer plays an support rotation between the gear shaft, or the role of the connecting rod. So we for reducer bearing fault diagnosis methods are discussed in this paper.

1, shaft imbalance

imbalance is the most common fault of high-power reducer. Cause of rotor unbalance have unreasonable structural design, manufacture and installation error, material uneven, corrosion, wear and tear in the operation of the rotor, scaling, and parts of loose and fall off. Shafting unbalance of main fault feature: ( 1) Shaft frequency or fundamental frequency peak, other times frequency amplitude is smaller; ( 2) The radial vibration; ( 3) Axis path be oval. ( 4) The vibration intensity is very sensitive to the change of working speed.

2, of the shaft

of the shaft is usually refers to the axis between two rotor and bearing the centerline of the tilt and offset degree. Wrong shaft can be divided into the coupling misalignment in the bearing not, can be divided into the parallel coupling in the wrong is wrong, wrong Angle and parallel Angle not in three conditions. The main fault feature: (in axis is wrong 1) Wrong parallel shaft radial in double, double frequency peak, especially in the double frequency is obvious. ( 2) , the right Angle to the axis vibration frequency doubling or tripling in fundamental frequency, two places with stable frequency of the peak. ( 3) Parallel right Angle axial and radial vibration.

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