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Machine of decelerate of planet of manual _ eccentric gear reducer

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-21
Reducer factory, after 200 hour period (general provisions Must be oil change over time) , this is the reduction of mechanical technical characteristics and regulations governing the use of the early. Period is to guarantee normal operation of the gearbox, reduce the failure rate, prolong the service life of important link. But some users at present, due to the lack of speed reducer using common sense or because the allowable torque is not enough, or want to reap the benefits, small machine use as soon as possible, and ignore the new period of the special technical requirements.

some users even think, anyway, has the warranty period, the machine is broken by the manufacturer is responsible for the maintenance, the reducer in the running-in period then overload for a long time, resulting in failure of reducer frequently occur, this not only affects the normal use of the speed reducer, shorten the service life of the reducer. Therefore, the use of reducer period and maintenance should cause enough attention.

a, the characteristics of the period:

1. Wear speed

thanks to new reducer parts processing, assembly and debugging, the influence of such factors as cooperate with the surface contact area is lesser, and the allowable torque is larger. Reducer in the process of running, concave and convex part chimeric friction each other on the surface of the parts, grinding of metal debris fell down, and as an abrasive, continue to participate in friction, accelerate the abrasion on the surface of the parts with more. The running-in period, therefore, likely to cause parts ( Especially with surface) The wear and wear too fast. At this moment, if the seams, may cause the damage of the parts, early failure.

2. Bad lubrication

as a result of the new assembly parts fit clearance is small, and due to reasons such as assembly, lubricating oil, Fat) Not easily formed in the friction surface oil film evenly and to prevent wear and tear. Reducing lubrication performance, causing the early abnormal wear and tear parts. Caused serious precision of friction surface scratch or bite phenomenon, lead to failure.

3. Dense

new processing and assembling of the parts, geometry shape and dimension deviation, exist at the beginning of the use, due to alternating load such as shock, vibration, and the influence of factors such as heat, deformation, and the wear too fast, easy to make the original loose fastening parts produced.

4. Leakage phenomenon happened

because of loose parts, the influence of vibration and speed reducer is heated, the sealing face of the speed reducer and the place such as pipe joint, there will be a leakage phenomenon; Part of the casting defects, such as hard to find during assembly and debugging, but due to the vibration and impact in the process of operation, this kind of defects are exposed, show the leakage ( Permeability) Oil. Therefore, shooting occasionally appear leakage phenomenon.

5. Error more than

due to the understanding of the structure of the reducer, the performance is not enough ( Especially the new operator) , easy fault caused by error, and even cause mechanical accidents and safety accidents.

2, use and maintenance of period of

1. Special reducer, the operator should receive training and guidance from the manufacturer, on the performance of the structure of the reducer, to fully understand, and get some experience before operation speed reducer for operation and maintenance. With the: 'peration &maintenance manual of manufacturers to provide products, are the essential data of operating equipment, operator before the operation speed reducer, be sure to read the instruction manual in operation and maintenance, according to the specification requirements for operation and maintenance. And save the data for a long time, easy to maintenance.

2. Pay attention to the work load period, the running-in period of working load generally not more than 85% of the rated load, and to arrange suitable work, to prevent overheating caused by deceleration captain time continuous operation.

3. Notice observation, often appear abnormal, should be ruled out, to stop the reason was not found, the fault before has not been ruled out, should stop work.

4. Reasonable choice of lubricating oil, especially the input power is more than 11 kw reducer gear oil shall note in the load. Pay attention to regularly check the oil, hydraulic oil, coolant, oil level and quality, and pay attention to check the sealing of the engine. Check the oil found in lack of too much, cause should be analyzed. At the same time, should strengthen all lubricating points and smooth, recommended in the running-in period, every week to inject grease lubrication points ( Except special requirement) 。 Vertical reducer with pump oil pump when you connect power by direction of rotation, clockwise rotation is correct.

5. In machine of decelerate of keeping clean, timely adjustment, tighten loose parts, to prevent the wear of intensified due to loose parts or parts in the loss.

6. End of the period, the machine for maintenance, inspection and adjustment work, at the same time pay attention to the oil replacement.

all in all, reducer in the running-in period to use and maintenance requirements, can be summarized as: to strengthen training, lighten the load, note to check, strengthen the lubrication. As long as pay attention to and implemented according to the requirement of speed reducer period of maintenance and maintenance, can reduce the occurrence of early failure, prolong service life, improve production efficiency, speed reducer to bring you more benefits.

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