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Machine of decelerate of planet of regulating _ eccentric gear reducer

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-17
Reducer is to use the speed of the drive gear conversion, reduced the number of rotating motor speed to be a driving force to the number of the rotation of a transfer. Because its main use is generally, at present most of the driving force to transfer and fitness groups. Is very common in life daily life, from the super-heavy machine, processing equipment and automated production machinery and equipment to the size of the middle and small household electrical appliances, clock, etc are driving force transmission work the use of the reducer. What the key to the reducer effect with, below you to talk about the key reducer efficacy:


a, reduction and improve the output torque, torque output accounted for by motor output by transmission ratio, but should pay attention to can not exceed reducer rating torque.

2, slow down and reduce the load of the inertial force and inertial force of the reduce of transmission ratio of the square meters. We can have a look at the general motors is a inertial force values.

the principle of speed reducer

reducer is generally used to low speed equipment than big torque planetary gear motor, the motor, the driving force of the gas turbine, or other high speed running according to the type of speed reducer shaft of less number of teeth on the gear engagement output shaft of the driving wheel to accomplish the goal of reducing speed, average speed reducer also can appear a few groups of the same basic principle of gear can slow down the actual effect, the ratio of the size of gear teeth, is the reduction ratio.

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