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Machine of decelerate of planet of supplier _ eccentric gear reducer supplier

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-18
Reducer is generally used in low speed high torque transmission device, the electric planetary gear motor, internal combustion engine, or other high speed operating of power on the input shaft of the reducer gear of big gear on the output shaft gear mesh less to achieve the purpose of deceleration, ordinary reducer also can have a few on the same principle gears to achieve the ideal effect, so it is in use from time to tome what skills? The following together and see it.

1, in 200 ~ 300 hours after the operation, should be the first oil change back, in the later use should periodically check the oil quality, to mix impurities or bad oil must be timely replacement. In general, the speed reducer for long-term continuous work according to run 5000 hours, or once a year to replace the new oil, long-term stop using the speed reducer is a new oil should be replaced before the function again. Reducer should join the same as the original brand of oil, may not be used with different type of oil phase, the same brand but different viscosity oil allow mix.

2, oil change wait for reducer cooled down when no burning danger, but should still keep warm, because completely cooled, the oil viscosity increase, oil drain. Note: to cut off the transmission power, prevent inadvertently electricity.

3, work, when they discovered oil [rises more than 80 ℃ or oil pool temperature over 100 ℃ and produce the phenomenon such as abnormal noise should stop using, check the reason, have to troubleshoot, after oil change, may continue to operate.

4, users should have the use of reasonable maintenance rules and regulations, the reducer running situation and the problems found during the inspection should be done carefully.

in addition, the reducer in the prime mover and work between machine or actuator has a function in matching speed and transfer torque is a relatively sophisticated machinery.

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