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Machine of decelerate of planet of the specifications _ eccentric gear reducer

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-17
Reducer output shaft fracture after the need for welding and welding prior to processing the shaft fractures are flat, and at the same time to reduce welding stress, on the design of the welding groove to take certain measures. To introduce the following reducer output shaft fracture repair way:

in the first place according to the situation of fracture and parts design of the u-shaped groove diameter, groove on for 20 mm wide, depth of 37 mm, to make the groove shape is consistent, after the broken part face smooth, molding tool is adopted to improve the groove processing. To avoid stress concentration, each part of the groove should be round, in order to reduce the ratio of parent metal melting into the weld metal, prevent the formation of welding cracks. Welding gap on weld quality has important influence, gap is too small easy generation lack of penetration or high accumulation of welding defects, clearance is too large, easy to burn through. The shaft welding gap choose to 2 mm.

  ( 1) Modifying the design of the cycloid speed reducer;

  ( 2) Installation and maintenance is strict control of the motor shaft and the cycloid speed reducer input shaft alignment, make it meet the requirements;

  ( 3) The design as far as possible choose parallel axis cycloid reducer, avoid to choose vertical axis of the cycloid speed reducer;

  ( 4) Choose cycloid deceleration machine needs to calculate cycloid speed reducer can bear radial load;

  ( 5) When choosing the number of motor should be as far as possible choose 6 pole planetary gear motor, both synchronous speed is 1000 RPM the motor as drive motor, so that we can reduce the vibration of coupling rotates at high speed, especially for large power drive device, such as greater than 90 kw of power drive had better choose low speed motor, the motor of the price will be corresponding prices are higher than quadrupole motor;

  ( 6) Try to reduce or control the size of the unbalanced torque hydraulic coupling.

  ( 7) Reducer in use at ordinary times also notice the daily maintenance, in the process of gear box cleaning maintenance machine within the better help us to reduce the speed reducer lubrication cleaning, help us to reduce the speed reducer of all sorts of problems.

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