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Machine of decelerate of planet of travel _ eccentric gear reducer

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-21
Specifies the precision of twelve grades, by the Numbers 1, 2, 3, and in turn. 。 。 12 representative from high to low level of accuracy, the most commonly used is 5 to 9 precision grade. In addition, according to the motion precision, driving stability and uniformity of load distribution requirements, precision of each level of public service, in turn, can be divided into three groups, the first group and second group of service team and public service group III.

the gear precision grades should be based on the purposes of transmission, conditions of use, transmission efficiency and circumferential velocity and other economic and technical indicators to determine.

5 file is very good.

processing methods: the periodic error is very small precision gear processing machine processing. Finally to fine grinding of tooth surface, and then after grinding or shave scrape or thin pieces of large gear grinding roll teeth grinding. Tooth surface roughness reaches 0. 4 - 0. 8.

use scope: used for fine dividing mechanism of gear; High speed gear, and have higher request for smoothness and noise of gear; High speed turbine gear.

7 gear is a relatively high level of accuracy.

processing methods: on the high precision gear machine processing. The hardening of the surface of the teeth with high precision tool cutting; Quenching of gears need finishing ( Grinding, shaving, grinding, etc. ) 。 Tooth surface roughness reaches 1. 6.

use scope: high speed, small load or reverse rotation of the gear; Used for machine tool feed gear, gear with matching motion requirements; Medium speed gear; The plane of herringbone gear tooth gear at a moderate speed.

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