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Machinery and equipment of four kinds of common sliding table module

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-28
1. Sliding table module

slide module is a guide, give, clamping three institutions of modularization products, divided into manual sliding table and automatic sliding table, can adjust, to locate objects. A slide can be do X axis motion, two sliding table to do X, y axis movement, three sliding table can do XYZ axis motion, a little more complex institutions may contain multiple sliding table for multi-axis motion. More common to use most of four kinds of slide module - - - Synchronous belt linear slide platform module, ball screw, linear slide platform module, dovetail sliding platform module, precise sliding table module.

2. Synchronous belt linear slide unit module

synchronous belt slide module is synchronous belt transmission parts, planetary gear motor driven synchronous belt wheel, driven by synchronous belt, synchronous belt drive linear motion object. Due to the synchronous belt with accurate transmission ratio, the commonly used in precision of transmission.

3. Ball screw linear guide slide gear coupling

ball screw slide module is motor driven ball screw rotation, to implement the mobile object, due to the screw unable to guide, to increase agency guidance, common steering parts such as slide rail slider and optical axis linear bearing, commonly used in precision of transmission.

multiple modules can realize single coordinate and double coordinate, three coordinates and multi-axis motion.
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