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Mask machine stepper motor company _60 stepper motor is used

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-28
What are the precautions for stepper motor applications?

Zhenyu company experts said: stepping motor on the preliminary selection of input energy, the more late motor need maintenance cost. After choose the suitable model of step motor, Zhenyu to share some stepper motor in the process of application should be several considerations to the attention of the engineer.

the stepping motor is the electrical pulse signal into angular displacement or line open loop control elements of displacement. In the case of the overload, planetary gear motor speed, stop position depends only on the pulse signal frequency and pulse number, and not affected by load change, which give the motor a pulse signal, a step from the Angle of motor is turning. This line sexual relations, and the error of the stepper motor only periodic without cumulative error, etc. Made in the field of speed and position control with stepper motor to control becomes very simple.

in the process of step motor in the application note the following:

1. Stepper motor is applied to low speed situation & ndash; Speed does not exceed 000 RPM, fortunately 50 - Use between 450 RPM, can through the reduction gear to make it work here, the motor work with high efficiency, low noise.

2. Stepper motor step without the use of the whole state of the step state vibration.

3. Due to historical reasons, only a nominal voltage is 2 v motor use 2 v, the other planetary gear motor voltage value is not driving voltage v, can choose according to drive the driving voltage ( Suggestion: the 2 v dc - 42 motor 24 v motor adopts dc 24-57 36 v) 2 volts, of course, in addition to the 2 v constant voltage driver can also be driven by other power supply, but want to consider temperature rise.

4. Big moment of inertia of the load should choose motor frame size larger.

5. in the high speed and large inertia loads, generally not starting in her work, and use frequency speed gradually rise, the first step motor do not break, second can reduce noise can improve the positioning accuracy of stop at the same time.

6. Should be through mechanical reduction, increase the speed of the motor, or drive to solve high fine fraction.

7. should not work in vibration zone, if must be by changing the voltage, current, or add some damping.

8. under 90 RPM work, should use small current, large inductance, low voltage to drive.

9. Should follow the principle of first to choose after motor drive, ShuangJie stepper motor drive with wider range of voltage range.

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