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Mask machine stepper motor manual _ shenzhen mini stepper motor parameters

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-28
Electromechanical integration of the structure of servo control system, the type is various, but from the perspective of automatic control theory analysis, the servo control system generally includes controller, power amplifier, the executive components, mechanical parts and other parts.

servo drive system of 1. Controller is usually a computer or PID control circuit, the main task is to compare the deviation of the output signal of units and transformation processing, to control the executive element action as required.

the servo drive system composed of 2. Power amplifier is the input command signal and system after comparing the feedback signal of power amplifier.

the servo drive system composed of 3. Role is actuators according to the requirements of the control signal, the input of various forms of energy into mechanical energy, drive the work of the object. Electromechanical integration system of actuators generally refers to all kinds of planetary gear motor or hydraulic, pneumatic servo mechanism, etc.

the servo drive system composed of 4. Mechanical parts refers to the institutions or controlled device, is the main part of the complete system purpose directly. Generally includes transmission system, implement device and load.

the servo drive system composed of 5. Detection means to measure the output link, translates into more links required dimension of the device. Generally includes sensors and conversion circuit.

in the actual servo control system, the above is not independent of each link in the hardware features, may be several links in a hardware, such as speed dc planetary gear motor is actuators and detecting element.

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