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Module type linear guide and module type linear slide

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-28
type linear guide

common reciprocating linear structure is to use two guide of four slider a sliding platform, transmission device on intermediate links, so to form a reciprocating motion way of processing. Architecture of two parallel track, track and transmission parts of parallelism must be up to standard, the other transmission electric drill speed reducer with sliding platform connecting tooling and double side supporting device of concentric contour also must meet the requirements, so that the whole structure can have a smooth movement. type linear guide rail is to guide and tooling integration together of the new type guide rail, the user will choose transmission electric drill speed reducer connected with the lower part of the slider tooling can be used after the combination, eliminating the join matchs outside on the machine parts and tooling, as the guide rail is mold production can ensure each parallel component all meet the requirements, save installation piece together time.

module type linear slide

in the module type to be more perfect, on the basis of linear guide will guide rail sliding block, transmission electric drill speed reducer and other components are integrated to form a linear unit, users only need to connect the motor through concentric coupling and linear unit shaft combination can be used. Due to the linear unit is the every component in the standardization production, so in parallel, concentricity, linear precision can meet the requirements.

module type linear slider development up to now, has been widely applied to various devices. Contributing to China's equipment manufacturing development in the indispensable contribution, reduce dependence on foreign equipment imported, is keen to equipment research and development and manufacturing engineers has brought more opportunities. type linear slide unit currently has been widely used in measurement, laser welding, laser cutting, coating machine, coating machine, punching machine, glue machine, small CNC machine tools, engraving and milling machine, sample machine, drawing machine, cutting bed, transfer of sorting machine, the machine and the suitable education and so on.

the current widespread use of gear coupling type linear slide unit can be divided into two types: synchronous belt type and ball screw type. Synchronous belt type linear sliding table is mainly composed of: belt, linear guide, aluminum alloy profile, coupling, planetary gear motor, photoelectric switch, etc. Ball screw type linear sliding table is mainly composed of: ball screw, linear guide, aluminum profile, ball screw brackets, coupling, motor, photoelectric switch, etc.
In the present growing world of emerging technology, the has demanding operation in various sectors like types of gear reducers, planetary gear motor, types of gear reducers and many other industries at planetary gear motor levels of manufacturing and designing.
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