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Most common electric car questions - answered

by:Zhenyu      2020-02-29
Mark Perry, Nissan\'s North American Product Planning Director (
Nissan Leaf is currently on sale)
“The lithium-
Ion batteries powered by Nissan Leaf will go far beyond traditional automotive applications.
In fact, after 10 years, the battery\'s energy storage capacity will still reach 70 PCs.
After that, Nissan is looking for ways to continue its battery life.
Potential uses include capturing unused energy from wind or solar power plants; back-
Increase energy storage for facilities from hospitals to computer servers;
Even in the ongoing car market, such as the island, 70 miles away is enough to meet the daily driving needs.
\"The electric car industry in the UK is accelerating the world\'s fastest electric supercar to invest in Evo Daniel Johnston, product communications manager, Volvo cars in North America (
Volvo C30concept car)
\"The foundation of Volvo Electric cars is the production of cars.
This means that many parts can be used widely.
Same as any OEM [
Original equipment manufacturers]
Vehicles, technicians will be fully trained on how to serve the C30 electric vehicle.
Original equipment manufacturers must support their products or they will lose market share, which is not affordable by car companies.
In terms of service, this means that there is no difference between the C30 Electric car owners and the S60 owners.
They get the same quality service, excellent customer service and warranty from Volvo [1 [
Whether Electric should be listed in the end].
Sherif Marakby, director of electrified projects and Engineering, Ford Motor Corporation (
Ford Fox electric (available at the end of 2011)
\"Electric cars have their own uses.
At Ford, we are building an electric car family to meet the needs of consumers.
If you\'re in town most of the time, full battery power like Focus electric is perfect for you.
If you wish to be able to drive a further distance, you can choose between the plugs
Hybrid or general hybrid. A plug-
In hybrid, like C-
MAX Energi will use its battery until it runs out and then drives like a normal hybrid. Both the plug-
Hybrid and normal hybrid is great for long trips.
Dave Patterson, American engineer, Mitsubishi R & D, Mitsubishi Motors North America (
Mitsubishi \"I\" will be available later this year)
\"Mitsubishi \'I\' will provide three charging modes, so it is flexible in almost any case of charging. The 110-
Volt is fully charged for about 19 hours, but can be plugged into any 110 socket without the risk of a short-circuit fuse. The 220-volt [
Standard dryer plug]
Half the time.
You can find a DC quick charger if you only have a few minutes [
Will soon be found at Mitsubishi Motors North America headquarters in Cypress, California]
And charge to 80 PCs in 20 minutes.
This convenient charging station will provide a very cheap way to charge and have plenty of time for morning coffee or afternoon snacks.
\"Hobbiklin, communications management, Tesla Motors (
Tesla Sports cars are currently on sale)
\"On Tesla\'s car, the charger is built into the power system and can use any traditional 110-volt or 220-
Volt power outlet for charging.
Sports cars and their connectors are designed to provide owners with the freedom to charge anytime, anywhere.
The charging equipment is durable and weatherproof.
Tesla\'s vehicles and charging devices are designed with safety in mind and equipped with redundant systems to protect users.
Before each charge, the car and the computer in the charging system ensure that the car is parked in place and all electrical systems work properly.
Tesla has even added safety features to turn off charging if the rope is pulled or smoke is detected.
Daniel Johnston, product Communication Manager, Volvo Car, North America (
Volvo C30
Concept car)
\"I think it depends on where you put the battery pack ,[the Chevrolet]
Volt and Volvo use the center tunnel housing and tank area.
As far as possible from the object hit.
In fact, we have tested the 40-mile/hour front offset, 30-mile/hour side impact, the 18-mile/hour front rod test, and the C30 electric vehicle that collided after 51-mile/hour.
The battery is right where it should be and it is not turned on.
In the accident, the battery electrical connection was turned off and the battery was isolated from the vehicle in about 50 milliseconds.
The risk of cars being powered is small.
Today we cut fuel on our cars.
Therefore, the fuel pump will shut down when the accident occurs.
The battery pack has the same idea and we want to turn it off as soon as possible.
Sherif Marakby, director of electrified projects and Engineering, Ford Motor Corporation (
Ford Fox electric (available at the end of 2011)
\"When the utility rate is the lowest, most electric car owners will charge at night.
So Ford has developed a program called value charging powered by Microsoft, where consumers can charge their vehicles when the utility rate is the lowest.
All you need to do is plug in your vehicle, click the value charge button on your smartphone and your car will charge when the price is best for you.
This means that the full cost of Focus Electric can be between $2 and $3 using national standards.
Rob Peterson, communications manager, Chevrolet Volt (
Chevrolet Volt plug-in
Hybrid cars currently on sale)
\"Chevrolet worked with the utilities industry to think about all aspects of Volt
From how it should be charged and when to make it as seamless as the grid
Be as friendly as possible.
For example, Volt consumes a relatively small amount of electricity, so the standard 120-
Volt home sockets for the night.
In addition, Volt\'s smart-
The charging function adjusts the start of the charging cycle according to the driver\'s departure time for the next day, so when the grid demand is at its lowest, the Volt charges in the middle of the night.
\"Hobbiklin, communications management, Tesla Motors (
Tesla Sports cars are currently on sale)
\"The Tesla sports car is no doubt proof that electric cars are not slow.
For the motor, instant torque can be obtained at any rpm, which is different from the internal combustion engine\'s limitation on the way torque is generated.
When the accelerator is pressed, the entire rotational force of the motor is available.
The peak torque remains constant, close to 6000 rpm.
\"Tesla sports cars accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 3 minutes.
7 seconds, as fast as the fastest sports car in the world.
The top speed of a sports car is 25 miles per hour.
Compared with Porsche and other sports cars, it performs well in terms of performance, control and speed.
The mission behind the sports car is to prove that people don\'t have to compromise on style or performance when driving electric cars.
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