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Multi-axis manipulator module selection _ module _ steel linear slider stroke adjustment

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-29
In the transformation and upgrading of industry unceasingly thoroughly, the demographic dividend is abate, industrial robot application scope is more and more wide, industrial robot with high compound increase rate rapidly expanding market. Straight line gear coupling robot because can take the place of body damage, repetition boring work, still can reduce human labor intensity, progress of labor productivity, it is subject to higher than people work, deviation smaller, therefore, is widely used in

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straight line module robot in the application of stamping companies:

1. Four axis movement, suitable for all kinds of non-standard mold, stamping platform arbitrary Angle bracket height on mold, the mold for accurate positioning and to accurately put parts;

2. Can be more than one group, can be stand-alone operations;

3. Requiring less for punching machine, suitable for application in all kinds of punching machine, can save 60% - for the customer 70% of the equipment investment cost. Advantages and application.

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