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Multiaxial module equipment how _ _ module manipulator linear linear slide units design

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-29
Linear gear coupling installation is relatively easy to make mistakes when have?

linear module in addition to a good configuration, more depends on the correct installation, can make the products to maintain the best performance, avoid unnecessary after-sales, linear module installation is easier to appear what problem?

1. Linear modules installed base flatness problem;

planar spent large install base, will thus cause the linear module bottom were forcibly lock, lead to sliding table base, strong linear guide and ball screw bending deformation, light can make linear module running resistance increase, or may not be able to run and sharply shorten life. According to the precision of the linear gear coupling level, general and regular grade to the flatness requirement of the installation base should be less than 0. 05mm/m。 For precision level, installations, the flatness of the bottom surface should be less than 0. 02mm/mm。

2. Linear module set screw lock at the bottom of the attached order;

when installed at the bottom of the screw should be followed to the middle, after both ends, in turn, locking in general. If lock on both ends of the first, will cause due to the deformation of arch shape variable cannot eliminate, resulting in linear guide did not run smoothly, reduce walking parallelism and straightness accuracy.

3. Linear module synchronous belt firmness and installation problems.

belt tensioning degree must keep moderate, belt tension too tight, will make the synchronous pulley and synchronous belt tension is too large, and produce the sound. Belt tension is too loose, can make the transmission clearance produces in the process, reduce the accuracy, serious when produce jumping gears.

4. The belt should install alignment;

to linear modules installed on the belt or planetary gear motor side, should keep synchronous wheel level, otherwise, will cause the belt running deviation, and belt and belt edge guard friction, damage and fracture belt in a short period of time will be.

5. Linear gear coupling induction switch for collision deformation to the sensor;

induction switch sensors photoelectric switch damage caused by deformation of collision to the photoelectric switch. Countermeasures: in the electricity and sliding the slider, you should first check the photoelectric switch to normal through the photoelectric switch.

6. Load is beyond the scope to use;

linear module selection, in addition to manual provided by selection can carry maximum load, dynamic permissible torque should also be checking, changes in acceleration and deceleration, such as 'out of the need to consider the impact of cantilever length, etc, and set aside enough safety coefficient.

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