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by:Zhenyu      2020-10-29
Linear module synchronous belt type synchronous belt tension test?

linear module synchronous belt type and screw type linear module is the biggest difference between different precision, corresponding to the price difference is big. Linear module synchronous belt is suitable for the precision requirement is high, and linear gear coupling screw type suitable for requiring high precision. If you are looking for accuracy is not high, using linear module synchronous belt type. Design, installation and maintenance is simple, Linear module synchronous belt type design light structure, small volume, light weight) High precision, can adjust the clearance between the preloading the guide rail and wheel reach & other; Zero & throughout; High reliability, Eccentric slider linear gear coupling design and locking nut to move the design) High wear resistance, Linear module specially hardened steel shaft processing) Design original ( Aluminum and high carbon steel, linear module itself can be used for stent or floor, greatly reduce the design and production costs and achieve maximum interests) 。

check synchronous belt tension:

1. The product fixed on the marble platform,

2. Synchronous belt with all hands and tension tester measuring synchronous belt tension,

3. Start measuring,

4. Record data and save the test report.

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