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Multiaxial module handbook which good _ _ module manipulator steel linear slide mute

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-29
Straight line gear coupling is one of the most common in industrial equipment machinery, its products in the industrial equipment, machinery, widely used in machine tool industry, but many machinery manufacturer buy back straight line module after don't know how to install, or the installation sequence is wrong, so lead to linear module of shorten life, so small make up to you by Mr Nakagawa automation today in detail under linear gear coupling built-in screw installation steps:

1. The principle of the selected two fixed position in the coupling motion interference phenomenon cannot by other institutions.

2. Put the selected installation fixed bridge fixed position.

3. To both ends of coupling joint and the fixed point 2 stated on the fixed pin, fixed pin and the coupling between two end joint can't fitting must have clearance, the coupling on the fixed pin can still free rotation. And both ends of coupling joint and fixed pin and fixed in the combination of coupling between static or moving can't have loose.

due to the linear gear coupling can choose according to the needs of different load increase guide to improve the linear module of rigidity. Linear module of different specification, different load limit.

the precision of the linear module depends on the quality of wire rod and the combination of the machining process, the control of the power input to influence its precision at the same time will be.

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