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Multiaxial module manufacturers used _ _ module manipulator steel linear slider adjustment

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-29
Linear slide in the use of automation equipment reaches deep into the many manufacturers and production, unique advantages of linear module also relies on its excellent and unique innovative design and operation mode of development the more systematic, more show its high-end advantages, in the modern society of high innovative development requirements are more likely to attract more people's eyes, to get more favor and usage. To introduce the following linear sliding table popular a few big characteristics for reference:

1. Multiplex design

service leading straight line slide in the production process adopts the advanced technology of screw and u-shaped track and achieve the integration of driving mode, such collocation not only can make equipment operation more motors, and can carry on the omni-directional collocation and more accessories, realized multi-function expansion in use, and got better linear transmission requirements.

2. High precision sex

straight line slide in the process of running accuracy is extremely high, explore its basic reason lies in the rigidity and the proportion of weight is appropriate, when design using the finite element method to design the structure, the direction of the load deformation analysis of the steel ball contact position also embodies the demand of high precision, so that in use process has increased the use of security.

3. Complete testing convenient and accessories

good linear supply service module in the process of running to realize the characteristics of high positioning accuracy and repeatability, the parallelism of walking is also easier for testing.

the above introduction to linear sliding table popular a few big characteristics, these characteristics of fusion after got the root cause of the sales is so popular in the market, market prospects for development in the future, the linear gear coupling to popular must continue to innovative technology and requirements, through continuous innovation and transformation makes the product more in line with the needs of most automation industry, get more customers.

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