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Multiaxial module _ module robot application _ steel linear slide unit load

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-29
Drag chain in linear gear coupling using belong to shall with accessories, looking at simple, there are also many other exquisite.

1. Scheme evaluation and don't forget to leave drag chain, many new lines of engineers, equipment design of integral space is very compact, and leakage for the space of drag chain, while waiting for the assembly personnel for you, that is really a good understanding of pain.

2. Pay attention to use the environment. Linear module drag chain have different applicable environment, some conditions are not generally drag chain can adapt, such as dust-free, anti-static, mute, wear-resisting, waterproof, prevent oil, prevent debris, etc. , so it's very important to pay attention to use the environment.

3. Minimum bending radius of cable's windpipe, before choosing linear module drag chain must figure out the minimum bending radius of cable and trachea, otherwise easy to choose the bending radius not appropriate drag chain, bring harm to the cable, general & gt; 7. Five times the cable diameter.

4. Pay attention to the cable tension, pay attention to the cable length, tension in the drag chain wants moderate, too tight and too loose wear and tear, is recommended to drag chain as a whole are added to an stress adjustment frame.

5. Wire will be separated with clapboard, linear gear coupling of drag chain internal sizes never tied together in a heap of line into the drag chain, but should use the partition to be separated, as far as possible to separate arrangement, space should not be less than 10% of the wire diameter.

6. Load must be calculated, a lot of linear gear coupling drag chain are rated load, the unit is kg/m. So we can not be ignored is that the weight of the cable and trachea is overweight.

7. Drag chain internal cannot fill too full, drag chain internal cable should not be too full, should be at least 15% of the space to stay cable.

8. Note overhead stroke, linear module of the drag chain stroke and overhead stroke is limited, not to hold a drag chain can use drops. Big brand and drag chain have about pulling the chain overhead stroke index, please pay attention to do so.

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