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Multiaxial module mute _ _ mechanical hand print group company straight linear slide application

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-29
As is known to all, guide rail for linear module plays an important role, usually occurs, the guide of the embellish components to extend the service life of the linear module has a lot of help.

the embellish component product in combination with the concept of the removable type, make the guide can prolong the maintenance cycle. Since the embellish components with cost savings, clean environmental protection characteristics, installation flexibility, tear open outfit is convenient and easy to maintain, transparent examined oil tank design may at any time, and can choose appropriate lubricating oil, and many other advantages. In the special environment such as dust, bad weather and water conditions.

in order to improve the accuracy and precision of the linear gear coupling properties, requirement have enough additive negative. Work time is too long, steel ball began to wear and tear, role in the pre loading on the steel ball began to abate, resulting in a loss of movement precision machine tool working parts. If you want to keep the original precision, guide bracket must be replaced, or change of guide rail. If the guide rail system for loading effect. System accuracy has lost, the only way is to replace the rolling elements.

when the design, can make between rail and sliding block or negative for micro space, in order to improve the precision of the guide rail and the overall rigidity, guide rail and slide block work closely as a body, big rigidity, four directions such as load, therefore has higher load carrying capacity. But the resulting metal contact produced by friction is inevitable. The friction in the great waste of energy at the same time, also bring a lot of wear and tear to the guide rail, shorten the life.

general manufacturers can use lubricating oil or grease to minimize the effects of the metal friction, and besides this way, also design the components, which makes in the lubrication system design and use of machine maintenance has become very easy.

the embellish component not only can improve the user maintenance convenience, and the modularization design can let more customers to buy directly from module suite installed on the slider, can achieve the function of the lubrication parts. After a lot of practice has proved that the linear gear coupling manufacturers think add the embellish to guide components is of great practical significance.

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