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Multiaxial module principle group design _ _ mechanical fingerprint straight linear slide gauge

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-30
Straight line module coupling on the operation and accuracy, the influence of coupling mainly is the link between screw and planetary gear motor parts, is one of the important work of installation, the real goal is to work in the planetary gear motor make the driving shaft and driven shaft when two shaft centerline in a straight line. Relates to whether the straight line gear coupling can be normal operation and precision, linear gear coupling of high-speed operation is particularly important.

when designing a linear gear coupling two axis center has a permit deviation, which is needed by installing a coupling. From the assembly point of view, as long as can guarantee coupling torque is safely and reliably, two axis center allows the greater the deviation, the easier when installation requirements. But from the installation quality point of view, the smaller the two shaft centerline deviation, the more precise, the workings of the linear module of the better, the long service life.

when we install the coupling fixed a broken first, such as the host side after coupling positioning, as the benchmark to adjust the other one and a half coupling, with half coupling on the host side. Fixed a dial indicator on half coupling to the host side, dial indicator contact contact with the other one and a half coupling, and circulation to look for is to adjust the coupling or fixed a dial indicator on the host side half coupling, dial indicator contact contact host side half coupling, find is used on the host side or drive motor can be measured, mainly work is convenient. On, around the circumference of a circle to adjust value = worth and up and down. Are found in the final inspection of standard is two to the wheel center is consistent, namely make the two cylindrical overlap of wheel, two of the combination of the wheel surface ( End face) Parallel ( The center line of the two parallel) 。

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