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by:Zhenyu      2020-10-29
Linear module type synchronous belt and how to avoid the metal contact friction?

linear module type synchronous belt can not only increase the user maintain convenience, and its modularization plan can let more customers with suite mounted directly to the slide block, can reach the effect of lubrication parts. Machine plan efficiency is changed by rotating linear module of the synchronous belt type steel ball gave birth to elastic deformation and receive placement deviation and can find a place down guide rail surface roughness request, low machining.

in most cases, the fluid lubrication is limited to border areas, directly produced by metal contact and friction is unavoidable, in this kind of friction, a large amount of energy wasted by friction loss. Most cases simply grease lubrication is adequate, which makes in the machine tool lubrication system plan and the use of special maintenance ways simply turn the linear gear coupling of the synchronous belt type between slide block and the guide rail or negative for micro space, thus it can be improved greatly precision guide overall rigidity and activities.

linear module type synchronous belt have will guide to the settlement of foundation processing and assembly inoculation occurs when the vertical degree, average degree of flatness, cross alignment deviation after receiving characteristics. Therefore adopt synchronous belt type linear gear coupling can greatly advances the effectiveness of the machine plan, also reduce accordingly on the surface of the rolling friction loss, therefore, can make a long period of high precision linear rolling guide system state.

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