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by:Zhenyu      2020-10-29
Straight line gear coupling, how to effectively avoid dust hazard?

nowadays many industry and machinery are need to use linear module, there are also many customers are buying module, but many worry the client are straight line module using Laos are dust, but don't know how to avoid dust damage, today small make up teach customers by nakagawa automation line module, how to avoid dust hazard, should abide by the principles!

straight line module repeat positioning accuracy is plus or minus 0. 02MM( Can choose plus or minus 0. 1毫米) , the high accuracy easy maintenance. It through the design of the structure of words, dustproof db is a protective plate, can effectively avoid dust in the work. Straight line gear coupling adopts high precision ball screw drive, ensure the accuracy of the vibration and the wellhead ball linear guide, significantly improve the whole rigidity, improve the bearing capacity.

straight line module positioning accuracy, repeatability of positioning, parallelism and walking functions such as simple test starting torque. It more convenient maintenance and easy assembly, assembly workers don't need professional master can be assembled. Good dust in lubrication, easy maintenance, to provide the machine scrap recycling.

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