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Planet reducer using the eccentric gear reducer using the _

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-22
First determine what is the speed reducer, such as cast iron worm gear and worm reducer, aluminum alloy worm gear and worm reducer, gear reducer, etc. Reducer type structure and parts is determined, on the basis of understanding the structure of the reducer, according to the requirements of working conditions, a preliminary determine the following:

1, speed reducer drive series selected, speed reducer drive series is in accordance with the requirements of work speed, by driving a type, transmission ratio, space location and size requirements.

2, determine the transmission parts decorate a form, there is no special requirement, axis adopts horizontal layout (as far as possible Such as horizontal reducer) 。 For level 2 cylindrical gear reducer, by the size of the transmitted power and axis layout to determine by expansion or coaxial.

3, the types of primary bearing, reducer are commonly used two kinds of rolling bearing and sliding bearing, the type of rolling bearings by load and speed and so on request. Also consider bearing adjustment, fixed, and lubrication of the bearing and seal, and end cover structure were determined.

4, speed reducer, the body structure of the decision, usually without special requirement, gear reducer, the body is by adopting the structure along the axis gear level, in order to assembly.

5, choose the coupling type, high speed axial elastic coupling is commonly used, commonly used portable low speed shaft rigidity coupling.

slow maxhine specifications to meet the strength, thermal equilibrium and shaft extension part bear radial load condition, the equipment is the product accord with everyone to use.

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