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Planetary gear reducer design _ eccentric gear reducer design

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-21
With the rapid development of economy in our country, we can see in all walks of life the universal use of reducer. The widespread use of reducer is not only accelerated the speed reducer the vigorous development of the industry, promoting the improvement of the technology of speed reducer. Machine of decelerate of foreign famous enterprises bring great pressure reducer domestic enterprises continue to find ways to raise their competitiveness.

for domestic consumers, compared with domestic reducer, imported reducer is also has some disadvantages. First, most of the imported reducer delivery than domestic reducer of the date of delivery; Second, most of the imported deceleration machine of price is much higher than the price of homebred reducer; Third, imported reducer after-sales service no domestic reducer after-sales service to direct and fast; Fourth, with the continuous development of our domestic reducer technology, technology and quality advantages of imported deceleration machine is more and more is not obvious.

so, as the country of reducer industry development is more and more attention, domestic reducer enterprise in machine of decelerate of research and development of new technology is more and more attention, the trend of the domestic reducer to replace imported reducer will be inevitable.

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