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by:Zhenyu      2020-09-22
How much amount of oil in the oil pool, depending on the size of the gear transmission power. For single stage drive, every passing Ikw power, oil amount is about 0. 35 ~ 0. 7 lo for multi-stage transmission, need to oil press series multiply.

for maintenance of worm gear and worm reducer is also quite important link. Open and half open type worm gear and worm reducer drive, or low speed closed gear drive, suzhou reducer usually work periodic lubrication of choose and employ persons, the lubricant used for lubricating oil or grease. Reducer lubrication also has its own conditions and for different reducer lubrication conditions are different. See below how reducer for worm gear and worm reducer lubrication.

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general closed worm gear and worm reducer drive, the lubrication methods according to the size of circumferential speed of the gear. When the gear circumferential velocity V< 12 m/s, often used the big gear tooth submerged oil lubrication oil immersed in. In this way, the gears in the transmission, the lubricating oil to the meshing tooth surfaces, but also the oil to the tank wall, so as to heat dissipation. Gear oil immersed depth of the visual size of the circumference of the gear speed reducer in suzhou degrees, for straight cylindrical gear is usually not more than one tooth height, but also should not be less than 10 mm; Of cone gear tooth width should be in full, at least in half of the tooth width. Can borrow in multistage gear drive, take the tanker oil to not immersed in the oil field of gear tooth surfaces.

when the circumference of the gear reducer speed & gt; 12 m/S, oil lubrication, should be adopted by the oil pump or central oil supply station in suzhou on reducer pressure oil supply, through the nozzle to lubricating oil into the gear tooth surface. When v≤ 25 m/s, the nozzle is located in the gear meshes into or whistle while all can; When v> 25 m/s, the nozzle should be on one side of a whistle out of gear tooth, in order to borrow lubricating oil cooling in time just meshing tooth, also for lubrication of gear.

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