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by:Zhenyu      2020-10-21
Safety has always been our ever-present said a topic, individuals, schools, factories, enterprises and other Safety & throughout; We need every day has been a focus on a topic. We believe that working in the factory as factory type enterprise, the friend must be strange, when every morning early meeting & other; Safety & throughout; Has always been a topic we have to hang in the mouth.

security although we say continually resend this every day, but in many enterprises still cannot avoid personnel injury, have a plenty of staff negligence, some is the essence of the factory on the internal management. In fact, as long as the staff work on production in the factory, in fact, we can't avoid this problem, but our country is now in continuously strengthen the development of intelligent automation of this piece is in order to solve the personnel & other; Safety & throughout; The problem.

linear module as intelligent automation indispensable for the development of a piece of a mechanical electric drill speed reducer, it is the responsibility of the main market to achieve fully automated factory, true no one production workshop, make enterprise & other Safety & throughout; Achieve the highest standard. Linear gear coupling can accomplish various artificial reciprocating repetitive movements, in the repetitive motion linear modules do than artificial faster and more stable, more efficient.

intelligent automation although it start soon, but the linear gear coupling in the field of intelligent automation of these industries, but has been used quite mature. We can in military, medical, clothing, cars, food, machinery, etc. Mainly in the areas of life seen linear module. Although nominally linear gear coupling is to promote the development of intelligent automation, but its practical significance lies in increasing production and also the other; Safety & throughout; 。

Zhenyu production linear sliding table in addition to the outstanding environment enterprise production & other; Safety & throughout; Outside, also to enterprise's & other; Safety & throughout; Responsible for, this to the enterprise & other Safety & throughout; Refers to Zhenyu linear module and the quality of the production quality, good products, good quality can only be true to enterprise's & other; Safety & throughout; Responsible, Zhenyu is a security considerations for the moment for enterprises, you are always welcome the choose and buy our linear slide.
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