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by:Zhenyu      2020-09-17
Install reducer only three steps are done

reducer used in hoisting, transportation, engineering machinery, metallurgy, mine, petroleum chemical industry, construction machinery, light industry, textile, medical equipment, instrumentation, automotive, Marine, weapons and aerospace and other industrial sectors. So you know how to install the reducer? Below small make up several methods for installation of reducer small teach you!

installation method

the correct installation, use and maintenance of the reducer, is an important link in ensure the normal operation of machinery and equipment. When you install reducer, therefore, please be sure to use related matters in strict accordance with the following installation, assembly and use seriously.

the first step is to confirm whether the motor and reducer before installation is in good condition, and strict inspection of the motor and reducer connected parts size matches, here is the positioning convex sets, input shaft of the motor and reducer groove size and tolerance, etc.

the second step is to unscrew the screw on the reducer flange lateral dust hole, adjusting the clamping ring side holes aligned with the dust holes, insert the socket head screw. After taking the motor shaft key.

the third step is to connect the motor and reducer nature. Connection must be to ensure the output shaft and motor gear reducer input shaft concentricity is consistent, and the two parallel to the outer flange. Such as concentricity inconsistent, can lead to broken planetary gear motor shaft or reducer gear wear and tear.

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