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Planetary reducer offer _ eccentric gear reducer

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-21
Machine of decelerate of planet of the use of customer all know, the equipment, a variety of models and each model is applicable to occasions is not the same, so we choose first to determine the use situation, then according to the working efficiency, work efficiency is higher, the profit is, the greater the choice here is to tell you about machine of decelerate of planet of the specific need to see what.

1. Considering the service life of the planetary gear reducer, it is recommended that the enterprises purchase lateral/radial force and the average service life, lateral/radial force output shaft gear reducer, gear reducer, double, of course, other types of average service life in addition to the planetary gear reducer;

2. Observed the reduction ratio of the planetary gear reduction ratio determine the efficiency of planetary gear reducer, gear reducer if efficiency is not high, so the cost will increase.

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