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Planetary reducer parameters _ eccentric gear reducer

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-22
For the gear is the basis of the motion precision, the reference surface is the installation of every parts and relative motion guide surface. Therefore, proper maintenance and maintenance machinery gear, prevent damage of gear, timely repair gear is very important. Keep the precision of the machine, to ensure that equipment is in good condition of the gearbox, prolong the service life of the machine is very important.

1 damage reasons of gear

in essence, the track of the relative sliding between the joint surface, in the process of friction is inevitable, reasonable wear and tear is normal, but when the cohesive strength between friction considerably more than the molecular, a large number of metal gear from the foundation, not normal wear and tear, this will produce strain on the gear. The author from the scene of the equipment management s concluded that the damage of the gear and strain mainly has the following four conditions.

  1. 1 bad lubrication

in the process of relative sliding gear, caused by a lack of lubricant supply or lubricating oil pipe blockage, no form of oil film between friction surface, lead to dry friction, thus produce tensile strain in a short period of time.

  1. 2 wear particles

gear of the sliding surface is made in the process of the relative sliding, because gear dustproof device is not tight or lubricating oil is not clean. Small or small iron into sliding surfaces, makes these small hard objects or small iron filings as abrasives, lead to uneven wear on the surface of the boot and form of strain and strain. There is.

  1. 3 oxidation wear

due to unintentional maintenance, - in the reducer Don't often use of gear surface will rust. That is to say, due to the infiltration of oxygen in the air, the track of hard and brittle oxide is formed on the surface. These oxide will gradually fall off and into the orbit of friction. Between the two sides, the cause of gear tensile damage. When - Some of face gear, gear is not commonly used, such as lathe tailstock gears will happen.

  1. 4 gear itself insufficient rigidity:

due to the defect of gear, such as material hardness and toughness, gear during work in plastic deformation under the action of variable load, strain of forming gear damage.

2 prevention measures

due to the above analysis the reasons of gear damage, we can take corresponding measures to prevent it.

  2. 1 machine gear must have a reasonable lubrication and sufficient condition

it is clear that good lubrication conditions is important for reducing gear of strain. Because when guide relative motion in the rail surface after fill lubricant, oil film formation, and establish the liquid friction. Does not occur directly between rail surface friction and the lubricant internal friction between molecules directly, so as to avoid rail surface strain and stretch on the track. Improve the service life of the movement precision of the gear.

  2. 2 must be necessary and reasonable protection measures

in order to prevent iron filings, abrasive particles, dust and other impurities into the gear surface and cause the gear damage, between machine gear must have a reasonable protection device. For example, our common folding steel fittings, organ cover and felt on the gear face is effective protection measures. - A reducer manufacturers in machine of decelerate of production can consider these factors, so there is no need to elaborate. But, it must be noted that, in the daily maintenance of equipment, often found not installed carpet and rail surface was not tighten. Ears - and felt like a Scorpio It is invisible, can't protect it.

  2. 3 increase gear rigid

it is well known that machine the higher the stiffness of the gear, gear wear resistance, the better, the stronger the resistance should be modified. It can be seen that increase the stiffness of gear is very direct way to reduce or avoid the strain. What about how can we improve the stiffness of gear? Here, I recommend two ways: first, the gear surface quenching. Can use the electric contact quenching device and its principle is to use TongGun rolling on the surface of the gear, and when passing between the two low voltage and high current, the gear and roller by the heat generated by the contact resistance between roller and gear. The temperature of the contact center moment to quenching? 吗? The fire temperature. As the roll away, its heat transfer and the external air cooling rapidly, forming hardening layer. Usually, after quenching hardness can reach about HRC50, the depth of hardening layer is usually to 0. 25 - 0. 3mm。 The method is simple in operation, small deformation, rigidity and wear resistance significantly improve gear. Usually, the overhaul of the machine gear must go through the process. Second, the track is inlaid. By poor rigidity, gear the beam X2010 type gantry milling machine in the factory is not too long after the production is very serious. Factory equipment and technical personnel and maintenance personnel to gear steel plate processing, no hair strain in recent years.

all in all, the strict equipment using standard and equipment maintenance system is the key to prevent damage of the railway. In order to make the equipment in good condition for a long time to do operators and maintenance personnel must work closely together, to do the daily maintenance of equipment, the equipment is always kept clean, lubrication system running smoothly. Replace oil and regularly check equipment surface on a regular basis. Only in this way can reduce or even avoid machine gear real strain, and extend the service life of gear equipment, ensure the accuracy of speed reducer.

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