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Planetary reducer size _ eccentric gear reducer size

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-17
When we choose cycloid reducer, we just like to choose Miss Hong Kong, dazzling, often need to pay attention on the issue of the cycloid speed reducer type, after all, each a cycloid speed reducer is not the same, and according to different requirements also need different style of cycloid reducer, cycloid reducer, so how do we choose? Model about how to choose? This is a trick for, took everybody know about the below.

    1, cycloid speed reducer selection

& emsp;   At first, we choose the time of cycloid reducer, need to determine the speed of equipment, only after it is concluded that the data, to calculate the reduction ratio of the equipment, and the calculation method of reduction ratio is through the shaft speed divided by the number of output shaft, and then draw a planetary gear motor speed divided by the mechanical requirements, so you can easily get the reduction ratio. And then calculating the load force major, and then will be able to choose different output of the cycloid speed reducer.

    2, cycloid reducer, additional features

& emsp;   In addition, we also need to pay attention to the additional equipment function problem, after all, there are some manufacturers need to function can have differences, even there are a number of additional functions require specific manufacturers to provide, for example about the electric brake, frequency conversion, shell material and so on, are special additional features, and in the selection of equipment, you need to us and our manufacturers to communicate, understand each other if we can add these additional features.

    That is about the cycloidal reducer pause model method, and the issue of additional features, don't know what did you learn? Actually choose cycloid speed reducer need us to choose carefully, cut to choose at random, only in this way can guarantee the quality of the equipment, and meet the production model and function of using the

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