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Planetary reducer which good _ eccentric gear reducer which is good

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-22
Reducer is a closed type of machinery and equipment, and precision degree is high, but the efficiency is very good, the premise is to use the occasion in conformity with the speed reducer type, because each model is applicable to occasions are not the same. But there are a lot of things to make the reducer, the phenomenon of the oil spill, specific what's the matter, the following will tell you about.

1. Amount to much: during the period of reducer system running, will otherwise the oil pan, and through the lubricating oil will spread throughout the reducer.

2. Reducer structure design is not reasonable.

3. The casing without return chute, lubricating oil accumulation in the shaft seal, end cover, such as joint surface, under the action of pressure difference clearance leakage, check the hole cover too thin, easy to screw down the bolt after deformation, adhesive surface caused by uneven, contact clearance leakage.

4. Is not in the process of gear manufacturing, casting annealing or aging treatment, the internal parts are not removed. Inevitably, the stress and strain, and could lead to leakage clearance;

5. The pressure differential between the internal and external differential gear: due to the environmental temperature of friction motion in the gear unit during operation, and the heat generated by the temperature rise in the speed reducer. If there is no vent or vent holes blocked, is gradually increasing the pressure inside the machine. The higher the temperature inside the machine, more external pressure and pressure difference caused by the gap between lubrication. Oil may leak.

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