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porsche electric vs tesla: and the verdict is...

by:Zhenyu      2020-02-11
NEW YORK (TheStreet)--
I spent a week driving a Porsche for 420 miles (POAHF)
The first car with electric motors and wall plugs, Panamera plugsin hybrid.
How does it measure compared to Tesla, BMW, Cadillac and all the other plugs
Cars on the market?
First of all, Porsche Panamera is a unique and extreme car, whether it\'s the latest version of the electric plug and motor.
It is wide, low and has decent back seat space and corners as if it was born and raised on the track.
However, the purpose of this review is not to focus on the overall car, but mainly on the motor, transmission, braking, accelerator calibration and plug of Panamera
Charging features.
In other words, how is it delivered as an electric vehicle?
Panamera plug-
Although the price of the car I drove was $99,000, the reserve price of in was $128,505.
It combines 3-liter, 6-
Cylinder engine with 95-
Horsepower motor, both with 8-
Automatic speed transmission.
If the drive is very gentle, it offers an electric range of 16 miles, followed by an average efficiency of 25 miles per gallon.
If your driving distance is shorter than 16 miles, you can almost always power on.
In some days, I take 588 miles and 261 miles for example, charging three times a day, all or part of it.
Porsche 588 miles?
This is a title right there!
There are many aspects of how people should evaluate plugs.
In electric vehicles, whether it is a pure battery
Electric or gasolineElectric Hybrid
However, any plugin regardless of type
What cars have in common is that it has to provide the highest level of smoothing in terms of power delivery.
Driving an electric car should be smoother and more relaxed.
What is the size of this smoothing?
All on the pedal control, no movement.
You should have little contact with the brake pedal, because when you let go of the throttle, the regenerative brake slows down the car according to most daily needs.
Pressing the accelerator should produce a seamless acceleration starting with the first millisecond.
It was in this mission that the Porsche Panamera failed to provide a seamless and smooth electrified power system.
Not the first 8-
I\'m driving a speed electric car.
I drove the prototype with the BMW X5 plug.
Hybrid a few months ago.
But Porsche 8-
The speed automatically enables the experience of a relatively raw transmission system.
Different from all other plugins
In the electric car market, it is neither seamless nor smooth.
For a while, I was wondering if the gasoline engine was on.
It was only when I realized that the tachometer was still, that I believed that the gasoline engine did not start.
Then we have a problem with the brake pedal and the accelerator pedal itself.
They have a hard time adjusting to get the smoothest experience.
Whether you are speeding up or braking, the car is relatively smooth compared to other electric cars.
You will brake all the time compared to other electric cars. Why?
Because the degree of regenerative braking is very gentle.
This is with Tesla (TSLA -Get Report)
Or BMW i3, because they are the best example of regen braking.
Compared to all other electric vehicles, Panamera doesn\'t give you a smooth experience of trademark electric motors at all.
You feel that this car is not good for you, not for you.
It\'s kind of like walking a dog, trying to run in the wrong direction almost anytime, rather than working in harmony with your own walk.
From a architectural point of view, Porsche is actually closest to Ford (F -Get Report)Fusion and C-
The following is the Energi model.
The main difference is that they lack 8-
Speed transmission is conducive to seamless transmission.
They all offer a smoother experience.
The better thing about Porsche than Ford is that it maintains electric mode more stably than Ford.
They sometimes light the gasoline engine for no reason.
In terms of plug-ins
In terms of the smoothness of the hybrid transmission system, Porsche\'s (GM -Get Report)
Chevrolet Volt and Cadillac ELR.
I drove Volt around Porsche and it was a very smooth and powerful experience (
In electric mode, not when Porsche\'s gasoline engine starts).
It shows that Porsche is a very different thing.
Called \"compliance car\"
\"You see, there are two kinds of compliance cars.
One is a product that is sold only in California or mainly in California to meet regulatory requirements there.
They are mostly pure electric and very powerful.
Another compliance car is a compliance car designed to bypass Europe.
Congestion charges are known in cities such as London.
This means plug-ins for all gear
During a very generous testing cycle in Europe, the hybrid engine is weak and can travel 30 miles. The U. S.
The results of the EPA test cycle are only half of the European range/mileage.
As a result of the Porsche\'s integration into the European compliance car envelope, the electric performance is lower
Compete with Chevrolet, Cadillac, BMW, Tesla and other more capable products.
Some companies, such as BMW, offer both methods.
There are other details on how Porsche hasn\'t delivered a competitive plug yet.
Experience in electrical
Specifically, I thought of charging.
First of all, the indicator light of the charger is hidden next to the charging port, and the only way to see it is to go to the car and observe it carefully.
Porsche needs to learn from Fiat 500e here.
Even if you are wearing polarized glasses, the indicators need to sit high, in the car, they can be seen from the cafe and from almost any angle.
Second, the charger itself is very bulky.
Walking around is a terrible pain and it won\'t end itself like GM, Ford and other company products.
It\'s in a bag so big that I\'m not sure if it\'s legal to carry
Take a domestic flight.
3. grounding 3-pin, 110-
The Volt connector is upside down and hard to install in many places, which worries me that it might damage the connector.
Who thought of this?
When you press the \"unlock\" button on fob, the car stops charging.
You may just start charging and then realize that you need to get something else from the car.
Now you have to unplug, swipe your card again and plug in again.
I don\'t know.
This car with wrong availability.
I quite like this instrument, a little better than the low standard in the industry.
This also means that it is 25 years behind Tesla in almost every way.
Apart from the lack of shoes to drive, the seating position in front is very good.
The accelerator pedal stands so straight that it takes so much force that people need to sit so far in front of them, causing the knee to rest against the dashboard.
Obviously not good.
The bottom line is this: as a plugin
The Porsche Panamera electric car experience is disappointing.
Every plug
In electric cars, I drive more smoothly and most of them are more powerful in electric mode.
Tesla has nothing to worry about Porsche.
The performance of the BMW i3 is very good, and the price is half of it.
Perhaps the most direct competitor in overall body-
Chevrolet Volt--
Can definitely smoke in a smooth environment
Electricity, and the cost is third.
In terms of luxury competition, Cadillac ELR is a better electric car, and its price is still much lower than that of Porsche.
I \'ve already opened them all and it\'s clear that Porsche has some serious homework to do on the plug
In front of the electric car.
I think the company is working hard at the R & D lab and we may see better plugins
Porsche\'s electric car in 2016 and after. We\'d better.
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