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by:Zhenyu      2020-09-20
How to protect the environment of high temperature linear module under normal use? When we buy a linear module, we should not only understand the overall architecture of the linear gear coupling and use, actually we need to pay attention to some details. Linear module, for example, some will affect the normal use and working late, speak a simple example, we often used cars, car actually in the process of our driving, especially in the long distance driving.

we need to pay attention to is that the temperature, the temperature for the use of any mechanical products are actually very deadly a point, because the metal products for sensitive and temperature of the metal products to temperature change, its impact of change. If the car is in a state of a long-term high temperature, engine may be damaged by overheating, high temperature caused by the link of two-stroke anal pit gas ring wear, appear engine jammed or burn oil some conditions.

and linear module will be affected by the same problem at high temperature, high temperature lubricating oil evaporation for linear module, make linear module in the work is directly guide rail and screw into dry friction, which leads to mechanical damage to affect the normal work.

how to safeguard for linear module used in high temperature environment, solve the problem of oil evaporation is a key, so once encountered in high temperature environment using linear gear coupling customers, needs in the linear module equipped with vacuum special lubricants resin, its vapor pressure lower fluoride used oil as base oil for operation processing. Solid lubrication lubrication method is for use in the atmospheric pressure to high vacuum environment and developed full solid lubrication. Has more excellent load resistance, wear resistance, the performance of the linear module tightness. Let the linear module used in high temperature environment, the use of this solution is the most correct!

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