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Precision of machine of decelerate of planet of _ eccentric gear reducer precision

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-21
There are many kinds of speed reducer. According to the type of drive, can be divided into cycloidal reducer, gear reducer, worm gear reducer and planetary gear speed reducer. Reducer usually use cone bearing and deep groove ball bearings. So how to replace reducer bearing correctly in use?


1. If the reducer is running and bearing in the position of the abnormally high, please stop the machine and check whether the bearing is damaged. If damaged, should be replaced immediately, and transfer will not fail, in order to prevent damage to other components and lower productivity.

2. Slow during, bearing position noise. Damage to the device and check whether the bearing is when to stop. If damaged, should be replaced immediately. In this case, the noise is caused by bearing or gear mesh.

3. If without oil in the reducer, the running is prohibited. Using the appropriate lubricating oil, during the running of the speed reducer, contact between the bearings and other rotating parts location will form a very thin layer of applying a film, thus preventing the hard and hard and dry friction between iron and iron. No oil guild damage to transmission components, such as bearing, gear, gear shaft and so on.

4. In the normal operation of 7 - Eight years later, it is suggested that for an overhaul, all the bearing in the replacement of speed reducer, and at the same time check the gear and other transmission parts.

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