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Precision stepper motor drive _ deceleration stepper motor speed

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-23
In stepping driving system of dc and ac says, is mainly refers to provide stepping drive power source is dc or ac, such as EZM872 input power is 20 ~ 80 VDC, namely dc stepping driving system, but such as EZM872H input power is 18 ~ 80 vac, namely communication stepping driving system.

general says is a dc current through the motor winding is dc motor, the current through the winding if communication is ac motor, but in terms of step motor, and is a dc or ac current through the winding and its control mode, if the single polarity control is a dc current through the motor winding, but the current through the planetary gear motor winding with double polarity control is communication.

what are the advantages and disadvantages of stepper motor?

stepper motor compared with dc motor:

1, the locking position, motor power no longer

2, small volume, long service life

3, low cost, simple drive

4, stepper motor can realize accurate positioning control, with precise positioning system is widely applied in displacement; But relatively dc planetary gear motor control complex

5, dc motor control is relatively simple, but the positioning precision is not high, can be used to high speed requirement, and the displacement of the positioning system of low

6, drive way: step motor are segmented moving step order way. Dc motor and brushless dc planetary gear motor usually adopt continuous motion control mode. Dc motor need feedback control system, he will be in an indirect way to control the motor position.

step motor system by & other Open-loop mode & throughout; Operate step motor adopts direct control method, its main step command and control variables are order, dc motor is the motor voltage as control variables, position or velocity to command variables.

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