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Precision stepper motor _ industrial stepper motor speed

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-26
The precision of the stepper motor is commonly steps from the Angle of 3-5%, and do not accumulate.

subdivision driver segment is also called the micro step, main purpose is to weaken the low-frequency vibration and noise of the stepper motor.

using segmentation can improve the resolution of the motor, namely each step pulse rushed around the pitch Angle smaller, such as the step from the Angle of 1. 8° The two-phase hybrid stepping motor, if the fine fraction of the drive is set to 4, so each pulse motor rotating 0. 45° And the resolution of the planetary gear motor is 0. 45° The positioning precision, but the planetary gear motor can be at or near zero. 45° , but also on other factors such as subdivision current control precision of the subdivision driver.

the subdivision drive precision of different manufacturers may vary widely, the greater the fine fraction the more difficult it is to control precision.
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