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by:Zhenyu      2020-09-19
Linear module is also called the manipulator, is the modern industry commonly used machinery and equipment, it can be said to be the mechanical development and transformation of crystallization. Modern military field, food field, spray areas, logistics and other industries can all see it, this is because it compared with the traditional mechanical system has more significant advantages. Such as its high precision, no empty back is almost zero maintenance ( No contact parts) It is difficult to achieve, this is a mechanical system. What's more, there are very high, very low speed and high acceleration and many other advantages. But any machine in the process of use will appear a few problems, such as noise, linear gear coupling is no exception! The linear module in use in what are the main reason of noise? We should use what kind of method to solve?

linear gear coupling in noise mainly in three conditions:

1. Dust in the larger environment prone to noise;

solution: when used in dust control device, the general manufacturers will have inventory;

2. Different devices, the requirement of preloading is different, so the noise will happen;

the solution: according to the different equipment, adjustment of preloading before use;

3. Lubricating oil is different, also can appear noise;

solution: according to different types of linear gear coupling, to choose special oil;

since only the linear module complete linear motion without gear planetary gear motor, coupling and pulley, those unnecessary, reduce performance and shorten the service life of mechanical parts removed, thus greatly improving the production efficiency and the service life of the mechanical, reduced the production cost. We have reason to believe that, in industrial production of the future, it will play a more important role.

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