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by:Zhenyu      2020-09-29
Ball screw manufacturer to adjust the axial clearance when pre-tightening force control

( 1) Adjust the axial clearance, improper control of pre-tightening force caused by the fault. The double nut ball screw pair was adjusted by prestressing force and can basically eliminate the axial clearance, but the size of the prestressing force at this time should be controlled well. If the pre-tightening force is too small, will not be able to eliminate the axial clearance, not preloaded role; Such as excessive pre-tightening force, and can make the racing torque increase, thereby reducing transmission efficiency, cause the drive planetary gear motor overload alarm from fever. To eliminate this kind of failure method is to readjust the pre-tightening force in accordance with the requirements, make it can not only eliminate the gap, but big and pre-tightening force.

  ( 2) Ball screw pair not self-locking caused by failure. Ball screw pair friction coefficient is small, has a high transmission efficiency, but can not be self-locked. Therefore, when the ball screw pair is used for large vertical or horizontal high speed transmission inertia transmission, in order to prevent power cuts caused by spindle box fell to a sudden stop or overshoot, consider installing brake in the transmission chain. Otherwise, due to moving parts or inertia weight movement caused by abnormal failure, serious damage milling machine parts. Common braking method USES the overrunning clutch, electromagnetic clutch friction or use servo drive planetary gear motor with brake.

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