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Principle of linear sliding table _xyz triaxial _ cross linear slider manipulator design specifications

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-23
Information of the previous period in the four of us about the linear module & other Diversification & throughout; Build combinations, each an all have its unique application and characteristics of the small make up in the information of the previous period is believed to have detail again. Small make up today to speak with you is the four & other; Diversification & throughout; A combination of building, it is believed that everyone is looking forward to it!

small make up to today and talk about the first linear module & other; Diversification & throughout; Structures, combination is cantilevered structures, combination, the combination of cantilever structures, as the name implies, is a working arm is hanging up. Cantilevered structures, linear module combination is composed of two or three linear module, according to the horizontal and vertical academic them respectively named to the X, Y, Z axis.

cantilever type cantilever out is X axis, the X axis installation on the Y axis the slider. Cantilever structures, combined the characteristics of linear module mainly inherited the original linear module of the characteristics of high precision, high speed and high load. Cantilever and linear gear coupling's greatest characteristic is its accuracy, load, speed, maximum limit can according to customer's requirement, because is free to build, but variable values very much!

linear gear coupling cantilevered structures, structure compact, easy to use, is the most commonly used in linear module structures, combination, are often used the industry is metal, clothing, automobiles, machinery processing, packaging, printing and other industries, the cantilever type linear gear coupling mainly done in these industries is carrying, take put, positioning action!
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