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Principle of machine of decelerate of planet of _ principle of eccentric gear reducer

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-17
And it's time to tell reducer related knowledge, then the reduction ratio of speed reducer is how to calculate? This is in this issue we will make everyone about related questions, in the paper below about the answer to this question is:


the calculation method of reduction ratio:

1, a: the planetary gear motor rated power of P ( 千瓦) , the speed of n1 ( r / min) The total transmission ratio, reducer, transmission efficiency u. Is: the output torque = 9550 * * u * I/P n1 ( N。 m) 1, define calculation method: reduction ratio = input speed & divide; The output speed.

2, general calculation method: reduction ratio = use the torque & divide; 9550÷ power power input revolution & divide; Use coefficient, the use of MB stepless variable speed machine.

3, gear train calculation method: reduction ratio = driven gear teeth & divide; The driving gear teeth ( If it is a multistage gear reduction, then all are a pair of meshing gears driven wheel teeth & divide; Driving wheel teeth, and then will be the result of the multiplication, NRV reducer.

4, belt, chain and friction wheel reduction ratio calculation method: reduction ratio = driven wheel diameter & divide; Driving wheel diameter, helical gear reducer, cycloid pin wheel reducer how to add lubricant.

this is the main content of these, hope everyone's understanding related knowledge of reducer is even more.

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