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Principle of stepper motor _ manipulator using stepper motor design

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-26
Additional current stepper motor itself is an approximation, and the output of the drive current pulse current, with a group of factory stepper motor drives allow current value have positive and negative error, owe good drive output current quality of plus or minus error by more than 20%, and the resistance of error of plus or minus of stepping planetary gear motor is less than 5%, so the user need not deliberately to accounting stepper motor current value and the consistency of the drive current value.

stepper motor drives the drive current set requirements refer to the extra step motor current, under the condition of satisfaction of speed and torque, lower current slightly, can prolong the use life of drive and motor, in order to reach the function of high speed and large torque output effect, demand in the current set larger demand together with the quality of the stepper planetary gear motor and driver. For example, a company selected 0 a power gear coupling, drive and drive current to reach 8 a, in this case if set the output current 8 a, electricity power moment, plugging in a twinkling in the back emf will exceed 0 a, is easy to burn down the drive.

in drive safe use scale, also look at the connection way of stepping motor, 8 lines for an additional 3 a motor, and the connecting method of series connection requirements set when additional current is different, the drive of output current and peak current of uniform current is different.

the connection way to set the current usually shake scale in current should be set up. Within four times. Detailed to motor operating hours in the future, step motor surface temperature for important see according to, the surface temperature from 70 degrees within safety, especially in the winter, the motor surface temperature beyond 80 degrees, going to alert.

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