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Right Angle deceleration pause _ planetary gear deceleration pause

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-18
Gear motor is in commonly need to clean with dry cloth to wipe, if comparing the wet cloth to wipe the internal drip into the planetary gear motor, it is easy to make watermarks to cause the failure of machine, light has the short circuit situation, burn or cause machine, so that everyone should be attention to prevent motor into the water, once has the water situation need timely treatment, the water after treatment by gear motor to teach you.

a, the deceleration of the planetary gear motor wind cover removed, install the pulley to the back of the blades to be removed, twist the beginning 6 or 8 bolts on the cover, open the bearing of the motor end cover and line column cover, pull the rotor.

2, and then put the stator erect, with a 200 - watt bulb into the stator hole bake for 2 hours, remember when appropriate cover seal the upper part of the stator, the stator cooling too quickly, stay in 80 ~ 100 & deg; C, use measurement insulation resistance by megger are big 5 m & Omega; Can.

3, try to be in the process of disassembly don't touch bad gear motor enameled wire, if damaged the enameled wire insulation layer, can sell enameled wire stores to sell it to insulating paint brush on dry, there is the problem of bearing without dust cover bearing, can use kerosene or diesel fuel with appropriate calcium base grease lubricating oil after cleaning, if the bearing can be used with a dust cover 80 ~ 100 & deg; C temperature bake for two hours, can also be used in baking under the light bulbs as for when the stator, the bearing gently squeeze on light bulbs roast can be together.

4, and then clean up the stand, in the end cover of sundry, back pack, step by step, after the completion of no-load test, confirmed after no abnormalities, can use.

through the above method, can be a very good solution to solve the gear motor into the water, in the actual operation, pay attention to the internal structure of the knowledge mastering of motor, and to remove the work rationally, prevent damage of disassembly process. In the moisture after drying, attention to debug the machine in all kinds of parameters, and then to boot operation, make sure everything is ok and can be put into use again.

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