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Right-angle reducer company _ planetary gear speed reducer

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-18
Now in a lot of machinery and equipment, can use micro gear planetary gear motor, but when the user has just use, there are a lot of places need to be aware of, because if do not pay attention to in the course of using, so may reduce their lifespan. First use the micro gear motor oil change should pay attention to what?

when new micro gear planetary gear motor used for the first time, when the equipment running one to two weeks, you will need to replace a new oil, in the process of using in the future should be check regularly, once found oil contained impurities, indicates a need to change new oil, be careful not to mix of the different types of oil.

in general if the normal use, then the gear planetary gear motor can be separated in the oil change period of time, but if you use the environment contains more dust and particulate matter, so will shorten the service life of the lubricating oil, often need to staff an oil change.

when new micro gear motor use, in order to ensure that its use life, we should pay attention to the daily maintenance of maintenance.

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