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Right-angle reducer custom _ planetary gear reducer

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-18

reducer is generally used in low speed high torque transmission device, the electric planetary gear motor, internal combustion engine, or other high speed operating of power on the input shaft of the reducer less number of teeth on the gear engagement output shaft of the big gear reduction to achieve the purpose, to a few common reducer are same principle gears to achieve the ideal effect, the ratio of the size of the number of teeth on the gear, the transmission ratio. Classification of

reducer between prime mover and work machine or actuator has a function in matching speed and transfer torque is a relatively sophisticated machinery. Use its purpose is to reduce speed and increase torque. Its sort is various, different types, different kinds have different USES. There are many types of reducer, according to the transmission type can be divided into gear reducer, worm gear reducer and planetary gear reducer; According to the different can be divided into single-stage and multi-stage transmission series reducer; According to the gear shape can be divided into cylindrical gear reducer, cone gear reducer and the cone - cylinder gear reducer; According to the transmission can be divided into the expansion of decorate a form, shunt type and coaxial reducer.

the main content of this issue is that, I hope you for the understanding of the reducer is more thorough.

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