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Right-angle reducer device _ planetary gear speed reducer

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-18
Gear planetary gear motor is the core component of reducer, reducer of speed adjustment is done by it. Mechanical equipment under different work condition of the need to work at different speeds, then the technical personnel is how to through the gear motor to the machine's speed?

have used this way of speed regulation principle is simple, is through the dial in gear to adjust, this way of speed adjustment of production is far from being complicated. But this way of governing power is small, generally not more than 2 kw, so it usually only two design of gear, so its speed range is not very big. Start times and the speed way cannot too frequently, otherwise it will damage the internal components. Although the speed adjustment way is simple economic, but its limitations also is more, so it is only suitable for some small mechanical device's speed.

infinitely adjustable-speed, infinitely adjustable-speed way can be divided into two kinds, one kind is mechanical, another is the electric type. Mechanical is the place in the planetary gear motor and the gear box are connected into infinitely adjustable-speed device, the advantages of this approach is speed smooth, simple structure, the downside is that connection parts easy to wear and tear. And electric speed regulation is based on the adjusted voltage of asynchronous motor, dc motor and achieve the purpose of speed control, the advantages of this approach is to adjust speed, the disadvantage is that complex structure is not easy to repair.

the gear planetary gear motor speed regardless of the way, there are certain advantages, also has some disadvantages. So do you want to work in different scenarios to choose the right means of speed control.

P series reducer internal gear configuration is usually adopted planet type distribution, and people are used to call it a P series planetary gear speed reducer. What are the advantages of internal adopts planetary gear structure layout? How do they work?

P series is the internal layout characteristics of planetary gear reducer, external is connected with a shell inner gear ring, and the internal gear is a center, they both have three middle gear embedded in it. Center gear, is three gears will follow together running around it, it is a bit like the sun in the solar system in the rotation, and the planets around the sun.

the benefits of the internal structure is that big power, the three planetary gear drive gear connected directly with the center, decrease The Times of energy transmission and greatly increase the output power. And running stability, planetary gear combination can effectively spread the power of the shaft on each gear, make their rate stable, from ensure reducer in operation in a stable state. Besides, there are the advantages of light weight, small volume, put most of the gear in the same plane, narrow the volume of the reducer, at the same time also reduces the overall weight, convenient to install and transport machinery.

the internal structure of planetary gear reducer, the applicable scope is wide, petroleum, metallurgy, chemical industry and so on some have demand for it, has a broad market prospect.

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