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by:Zhenyu      2020-09-18
Worm gear screw lift the displacement coefficient of worm gear and worm

a worm and worm wheel mechanism of worm screw lifter are commonly used to transfer between two alternating axial movement and power. Worm gear and worm of gear and rack, in between the plane worm is similar to the shape of screw.

modulus m, pressure Angle, diametral coefficient q, lead Angle, and worm quotas, turbine, the addendum coefficient (number of Take 1) And the tip clearance factor ( Take a 0. 2) 。 Among them, modulus m and pressure Angle is refers to the modulus and pressure Angle of worm shaft surface, i. e. end of the turbine gear coupling and pressure Angle, and all are standard; Diametral coefficient q for worm indexing circle diameter and the ratio of modulus m.

  1. Worm gear face modulus is equal to the worm shaft surface modulus and as the standard values, transverse pressure Angle of worm gear should be equal to the shaft surface pressure Angle of worm and the standard value, namely the m ( Rod) ==m( Wheel) α; ( Rod) ==α ( Wheel) 。

  2. When the Angle of worm gear and worm crisscross of 90 & deg; , also need to ensure, and worm gear and worm helical worm gear and worm line direction must be the same.

geometric size calculation and cylindrical gear basic same, several problems that should pay attention to the

1. Worm lead Angle & gamma; On helical worm indexing columns the Angle between the tangent and worm end face, and the screw helix Angle, on the relationship of the worm gear helix Angle, the transmission efficiency is high, when less than the equivalent friction Angle between meshing tooth ( ψ V = arctan fv, namely the arctangent value of the equivalent friction Angle is equal to the friction factor, when & psi. V is less than & gamma; When) Self-locking, institutions.

  2. Diametral coefficient q is to limit the number of the worm gear hob, standardize and worm indexing circle diameter for m must, q is large, the worm shaft stiffness and strength increases accordingly; Certainly, q small lead Angle increases, the transmission efficiency increase.

  3. Worm capita recommended value of 1, 2, 4, 6, when is small, its transmission ratio is big, and has the self-locking; When the great value, high transmission efficiency.

and cylindrical gear transmission, worm worm gear mechanism transmission ratio is not equal to the ratio of the diameter of the worm and worm wheel diameter.

  4. Methods for judging of worm gear and worm worm gear steering, according to the meshing point of direction, the direction of K ( Parallel to the spiral line tangent to the) And should be perpendicular to the axis of the worm gear drawing velocity vector triangle to determine; Also can use & quot; Worm dextral left hand, left hand worm held in the right hand, four fingers thumb & quot; To determine.

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