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_ right-angle reducer precision planetary gear speed reducer precision

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-22
Oil spill speed reducer, reducer is used in common fault phenomenon. The cause of the correct analysis and diagnosis of the oil spill, and take effective solutions for reasons, ensure the normal operation of reducer, prolonging the service life of the reducer. Under normal circumstances, the cause of the oil mainly has four aspects:

a, deceleration machine produce pressure difference inside and outside the

in the closed reduction drive, each pair of gears meshing friction will send out quantity of heat, as the lengthen of time running, the reduction temperature gradually raised, inside the case and the reduction volume inside the case, so the casing pressure increases, the casing oil splash, sprinkled on the inner wall of the deceleration box. Lubricating oil under the action of pressure difference, the leakage from the gap.

2, excess amount

NRV. Oil pools NMRV series reducer in the process of operation, rapid agitation, lubricating oil and splatter everywhere inside the machine, if the amount is overmuch, make a lot of lubricating oil accumulation in the place such as shaft seal, in combination with surface, lead to leakage.

3, the installation precision is not high,

reducer bear huge dynamic load at startup, once the installation precision of speed reducer can not meet the standard demand, base bolt looseness will, adding to the vibration of the reducer, the reducer is high, the low speed shaft hole of the sealing ring wear, eventually leading to lubrication leakage.

4, repair technology is not high,

equipment maintenance, due to the combined surface dirt removal is not complete, or sealant improper selection, seal, not timely replacement seal way, etc. , can also cause oil leakage.

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